RLC | NEWS: Happy New Year

Hello everyone and Happy New Year… almost.

What a great time we had yesterday at RLC! I always love this time of the year. Such a feeling of possibility in the air. People are willing to strike out and try new things, stop old habits, and take risks. Something about the approach of the New Year gives us a hope for something new in our lives doesn’t it?

Yesterday, we talked about how small things can actually make a huge difference in your life in 2015. To view or listen to yesterday’s message, click here –>Click here to listen or watch now.
You can also view the message handout notes from there as well.

At the end of the worship experience, we talked about creating a sense of focus in your life this year by narrowing your pursuits to ONE THING. One word that would dominate all your forward momentum. Some ideas were to use words like, momentum, discipline, forgiveness, simplicity, courage, prayer, etc.

You should try it. Let everything you do be summed up in ONE WORD for this year. Check out the message for more details.

We even challenged you to take it to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL. Instead of making it a secret focus, post about it online. You could post it on the RLC FACEBOOK PAGE, the RLC TWITTER ACCOUNT, or on this blog post. Wherever, make it public. You’ll find that this simple act of accountability will encourage you to stick with it.

ALSO, this coming Sunday begins our annual 21 DAY CHALLENGE and SUPER CHALLENGE. At the beginning of every year we take 21 days and renew our focus on God in three major areas of our lives… MIND | BODY | SOUL. We will updating the church website and posting about it here during the next couple of days. Check back soon.

Hope everyone has a safe week. Look forward to seeing you all the coming weekend at RLC.

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