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Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Barrett

“A person is a person, no matter how small.”  -Dr. Seuss

Many of today’s preteens and teens receive a bad rap of being self-absorbed or too glued to their phones to give an ounce of thought to the world around them.  However, at Real Life Church, we have many of our StudentLife participants seeking to combat such accusations.  While they would admit to loving their phones (and maybe having a slight panic attack if they were detached from them),  they insist that they love the people around them even more.

One such student is Mary Barrett–who sacrifices an extra hour or two of sleep on Sunday mornings to serve our smallest church members.

Mary is a freshman at Warren East High School, and a regular attendee of StudentLife on Wednesday nights at Real Life Church.  During her down time, she is either cutting up with her friends or losing herself in a book.  She first attended RLC when a friend of her mother’s invited the whole family to attend for a week.  They enjoyed their visit so much that they decided to stay and become members.

After awhile, Mary decided to invest herself in the preschool room, and has served as an assistant for the last several months.  She realized the importance of spending time with the little ones early on: “I really just love the kids, and knowing that I’m helping lead them closer to God…”  Her faithfulness in not only StudentLife, but also in serving KidsLife, has earned her a place in the Spotlight this month.  Reach out to her and let her know how much she is truly appreciated each and every week!

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