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Volunteer Spotlight: Jesus “JP” Mora

“Remember when Facebook used to tell you who was near, after you checked-in somewhere?  Well, I would get real excited when I would check-in at Real Life Church, and it would say ‘Jesus’ is nearby!'”  -Anonymous member of the QuarterLife small group

The “Jesus” referred to was not the divine Son of God, but JP Mora– who is an integral part of Real Life Church.  JP was born in Lan Luis, Mexico but ended up in Bowling Green by the end of 1994.  Even though he moved to Louisville for 10 years, he came back to BG to “try my hand at being an entrepreneur,” and has made himself a home here.

For those who don’t know, he owns Mex-Out, which is obviously “the best Mexican restaurant in the entire world (an unbiased opinion).”  For those who have never tasted the heavenly experience of Mex-Out’s tacos, it is open Monday through Saturday, and is located on Veterans Memorial Hwy (you’re welcome for the advertisement, JP).

When he’s not managing his restaurant, you can find JP “[cruising] in my Jeep Wrangler with the top off, [jumping] off cliffs and other dangerous heights, [traveling] to Mexico for weeks at a time, or [watching] Netflix with my pretty girlfriend.”  And while the “Jesus” jokes may become a little mundane, JP Mora is proud of his faith, and so continues to serve his church faithfully and consistently.  “I’m a beast at the drums…Holla!” (humble boast), and so he has played for Real Life Church ever since the movie theater days.  Music is his way of joyfully bringing glory to God, and his passion for it is what landed him in the Spotlight for this month.  So be sure to show JP some love for his faithful drum playing and (more importantly) his tacos!

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