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Volunteer Spotlight: Whitney Sloan

Alabamian by birth, Tennessean by heart, Whitney Sloan moved from Columbia to Bowling Green to attend Western Kentucky University after high school.  Now, she works as an office manager at Ryan’s Steakhouse, and lives in the south central town with her beautiful family.  While the family enjoys being active and loves to be outside kayaking or hiking, they also can’t resist a good Netflix show with a generous helping of junk food.

A couple years ago, her family began the hunt for a home church, and Whitney came across Real Life Church while driving down Scottsville Road.  They decided to visit the following week, and she experienced immediate acceptance:  “As soon as I walked through the front doors on our first Sunday, I felt relief and knew this was ‘home’.”  Whitney soon became involved, and began serving with the worship team.  RLC members agree that her love for Jesus shines through as she sings; she looks out to the crowd and “it is hard for me to hold back the tears…everyone is just praising and worshiping God in their own ways.  It is incredible!”

In addition to helping to lead worship every Sunday, Whitney also coordinates LifeGroups (so any questions you have about finding a small group or leading one should be directed to her!) and helps with NextSteps and the Dream Team.  She works hard and faithfully to ensure RLC’s volunteers find their place, and fulfill the purppse of their gifts and talents.

Take time out this week to show Whitney how much Real Life Church appreciates how willinginly she has investd her time and energy!

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Around RLC this week: RLC’s Summer of Fun!









Get ready RLCers for a summer of fun! This July, each Sunday there will be a fun theme and RLCers can join in by dressing up! Here’s the schedule:

July 2nd – Hat Day – Wear your favorite hat TO CHURCH!

July 9th – Flip Flop Day – It’s hot outside, so wear your comfy flip flops!

July 16th – Hawaiian Shirt Day – Bust out those colorful Hawaiian shirts! The wackier, the better!

July 23rd – Team Spirit Day – Whether your favorite team is in town or far away, sport your best team gear!

July 30th – Friend Day – Bring a friend with you to join in on the fun at RLC!

In addition to the dress up days, there will be fun photo booth so everyone can take pictures with their family and friends! Also, on July 9 and July 23 there will be special treats during Sunday service.

For our First Wednesday on August 2, we will have a time of fellowship and eat HOMEMADE ICE CREAM after the service! You don’t want to miss it!

Have a question about RLC’s Summer of Fun or want to volunteer? Check out the Welcome Desk for more information.

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RLC Celebrate


2: Christy Vickery

3: Aimee Miller

6: Josh Lowe

6: Leslie Barrett

8: Ellie Cannon

11: Silas Caulk

13: Destiny Cox

13: Kennedy Jones

16: Nate Simpson

17: Lucas Fulkerson

18: Alex Renick

19: Whitney Sloan

22: Aaron Puga

23: Leeza Glisson

27: Gloria Puga

29: Hezekiah Jenkins

30: Robyn Lowe

We hope you have an amazing birthday!


9: Drew and Jahna Fulkerson

13: Jacob and Whitney Sloan

14: Andy and Christy Vickery

16: Curtis and Ariel Renfrow

28: Mark and Sheri Chartier

28: Tony and Leeza Glisson

May you grow in love a little more every year!

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