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Volunteer Spotlight: Brenda Wells

If you find yourself in the halls near the KidsLife area Brenda 3before the 9:30 service at Real Life Church, then you are at least acquainted with the smiling face of Brenda Wells.  She serves the RLC families every week by checking in the kiddos before they head to their Sunday School classrooms. In addition, she helps with set-up and providing lunch for those in the Room in the Inn program during the winter months.  Modestly, she will tell you that she does not do much, but in reality, RLCers are greatly impacted by her faithful serving.Brenda 2

Though she was born in Germany and was practically raised in Minnesota, she pretty much calls the South home.  When her family moved to Atlanta, she experienced what she described as “MAJOR culture shock;” after a stint at a Tampa college, she moved back to Atlanta, only to be convinced to attend WKU:  “I agreed under the condition that I would only have to stay for 1 semester… That was 20 years ago!!  So I guess it’s time to start calling BG home!”

Brenda 4Outside of her ministerial volunteering, she works as a biologist at Mammoth Cave.  “My two areas of concentration are water quality and curating plant and animal specimens for research at the park.  I feel ridiculously blessed to be able to work in  such a beautiful park.  I even love to spend time with the family at the park on my days off (going to the cave, or hiking in the woods).”  When the Wells are not exploring the natural wonders of Kentucky, Brenda spends time at home either reading a book, playing with her kids (which includes, but isn’t limited to, perfecting the ideal scenario for AG dolls and racing the fastest Hot Wheel cars), or helping with homework (obviously not near as important as dolls or race cars, but somebody, somewhere demanded that it must be done).Brenda 1

Despite a week full of caves, homework, dolls, and cars, Brenda is sure to save time for investing in RLC.  “Hands down…seeing kids walk in that door Sunday morning [is the most rewarding part about serving]. Why? That is the future of God’s kingdom. THIS is what keeps me up at night. THIS is where my heart lies. What I want more than ANYTHING is for my kid’s to have a solid foundation and relationship with God. I don’t do a fabulous job at it, but I’m holding on to the hope that the Holy Spirit is filling in all my gaps. Parents! Thank you so much for bringing your kids every time you can! Teachers! Thank you so much for passing on the Word! Love you all!”  I think we can all argue that she DOES do a fabulous job, and the Holy Spirit definitely does more than fill in the gaps for her!  That is why she is in the Spotlight for this month.  Be sure to give Brenda a bit of encouragement when you see her!

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Baptism at RLC!


“Then Peter said to them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” -Acts 2:38


Around Real Life Church, we love to see people take the step to get baptized. And if you’ve been thinking about baptism, there is a big opportunity coming up on February 5!

“This will be our first baptism in our building with our own baptistry,” Pastor Brandon Cannon says. “This is something we are really excited about.”

At RLC, we believe that baptism is the outward symbol of what Christ has done in our lives and although there is nothing special about the water or the baptistry, it is an important step for any believer of Christ.

“The big deal is that we are telling the world what Christ has done on the inside,” Pastor Brandon says. “We went down in our sins and then raised to life again. That’s why we celebrate baptism. We celebrate the miracle that has already occurred.”

In order to participate in the February 5 baptism, those interested need to turn in a Contact Card or let someone at the Welcome Center know you would like to participate by January 29th. You’ll receive an email containing all details you will need to know for the day. It’s that easy, so get signed up now!

Also, be sure to get ready for the next semester of life groups. Life Group sign ups will start January 29th! Be sure to jump in a group. It is the best way to connect, be accountable and get involved at RLC!



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RLC Celebrate!


Here at RLC, we love doing life together. That’s why we want to celebrate these special dates.

Here are this month’s causes for celebration!



5: Courtney Caulk

7: Shiloh Jenkins

12: Jordan Jenkins

21: Bruce Poteet

22: Drew Fulkerson

22: Steve Wood

24: Shelby Whitt

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