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Volunteer Spotlight: Shelby Whitt

Beyond the black, thumbnail_img_2165double doors at Real Life Church, you can find more than just the restrooms and a small kitchen.  There is a whole other church service going on, one that involves crafts and fun Bible story videos.  It’s a time dedicated to those who are young enough to be barely crawling or walking. and it is led by some very special volunteers.  One of those volunteers is Shelby Whitt, who is a teacher in KidsLife Jr.  She faithfully serves every Sunday during the 9:30 service:  “I love to see the childthumbnail_img_2163like faith from the kids, and teaching them about Jesus!”

Shelby moved to Bowling Green from Goodlettsville, TN in 2010 with plans to attend Western Kentucky University. Through a minister at a campus ministry, she heard about RLC and how the church met in a movie theater.  The situation interested her, so she decided to visit and learn more about this church.  The next weekend, she attended with her boyfriend James, and thoroughly enjoyed her experience.

During her first Sunday, she couldn’t help but notice how welcomed she felt.  The friendly and accepting faces continued to bring her back week after week, till she decided to participate in Growth Track. thumbnail_img_2164 It was during that session when she learned how children’s ministry could be the right area for her to serve, and quickly recognized the things that made serving such a joy:  “I like developing relationships with the children!”  That intentional and relational focus is what earned Shelby the Spotlight, so be sure to thank her for her heart and hard work!

If you know of someone else who deserves the Volunteer Spotlight, contact Cameran Smith viaFacebook or at

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Around RLC this week: Get ready for Vision Sunday!




This Sunday will be a special day for Real Life Church! It is Vision Sunday!

“This is something we do once a year with the focus of rallying the church behind the singular vision of our church,” Pastor Brandon said. “The mission statement of our church is what I believe the mission statement should be for all churches, to create fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Our VISION is how we see this happen.”

sunset-1Pastor Brandon and other leaders at Real Life Church believe it is important to spend time learning about and reminding RLCers about our church’s vision because it can easily slip out of everyone’s focus.

“Vision Leaks. Things happen, jobs change, family situations becoming more or less complex,” Pastor Brandon said. “There are so many things that go on in our daily lives, it can be easy to forget our lives are for a higher purpose than simply making it to bed time. As we move into this fall season, it is the perfect time to remember why we do what we do.”

It is important to note, that there are no changes to the usual Sunday schedule, and the services this weekend will be at their normal times, 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., but this weekend’s message will have a special focus and will be split into two parts: What’s going on now and where are we going in the future. The sermon will focus on what is next for RLC, how the leadership team is expanding, and upcoming opportunities there are in the church.

Church leadership hopes that RLCer can hopefully gain a new perspective on the church as a whole through this weekend’s services.

“This is great time for me to sort of “pull back the curtain” and let you see what all is going on behind the scenes,” said Pastor Brandon. “There are facets of the church the average church attendee does not get to hear updates on. This is where you will hear it. The hope is also that we cannot carry this torch alone. We need everyone doing what God has called them to do so we can fulfill the plan of God for Real Life Church in our region.”

Right now is an exciting time at Real Life church, be sure to make plans to attend this weekend to hear reat information about where we have come from and the plans that God has for us in the coming years.

“If people could see where we’ve come from in three short years and where we’re going… it’s a miracle,” Pastor Brandon said. “Almost every day when I walk into this building, I have to fight back tears. God has been so good to us and has sent so many wonderful people for us to do life and ministry with. I cannot wait to see what this next season holds of us as we continue to follow after Him.”

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RLC Celebrate!


Here at RLC, we love to celebrate with one another. Life is better when it’s done together!

Here are this months causes for celebration.


1: Diane Klein

5: Keith Underwood

15th: Kayla Green

20: Donovin McKay

20: Juliet Wells

20: Marvin Brooks

23: Kaitlyn Dickson



14: Stephen and Leslie Barrett

14: Brandon and Autumn Cannon

20: Jamey and Jessica O’Connor

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