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RLC Student Camp Recap

Last month, Real Life Church sent nine students, ages 13 to 17 years old, to Crossings Ministry camp at Jonathan Creek in Hardin, KY.

Each day, campers filled their days with worship gatherings, small group times, lake sports, zip lining, laser tag and a host of other camp activities.

“I personally loved the time we had with our kids from RLC,” RLC Camp Coordinator Natalie Perkins said. “I loved getting to talk to them about what they’d learned, how much fun they’d had that day, and how they were growing spiritually. The kids consistently said they loved our pastor and the nightly worship service, as well as lake sports. The camp also hosted a 50’s themed night after worship and Checkpoint one night, and the kids had a blast with that as well. They got all dressed up and played carnival games and danced.”

Natalie said a major highlight of the week was one student committing to a new relationship with Christ and two others recommitting their lives to Christ.

“All the students became so close and formed some amazing friendships,” Natalie said. “My two high school girls didn’t know any of the middle schoolers’ names when we left, and they had basically adopted them all as their children by the time we left. They also all seem to be so excited about coming to youth group now and really seem to be excited about growing in their relationship with God.”

Check out the pictures below to see some of the fun times from the RLC youth group’s experience at Crossings Ministry Camp. For those interested in getting their students involved in the RLC student group, meetings begin again tonight, Wednesday, August 10th.


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Volunteer Spotlight: Abby Underwood

Frequent RLCers watch her deliver the video announcements most Sundays, never realizing they are listening to the aspiring best friend of Betty White… IMG_1815Or so she says.  Abby Underwood moved to Bowling Green with her family last year, after first residing in other exotic locations like Kansas, South Carolina, Texas, and Tennessee. IMG_1814Her attendance and involvement with Real Life Church was almost immediate.  “Nearly my whole life I’ve gone to ARC churches, so when we found out we were moving to Bowling Green we went to the ARC website and found RLC.”

Within the first couple of months, Abby was creating videos for RLC, like the aforementioned announcement videos.  “I love that I get the opportunity to do something that I love, like videography, editing, and performing in a church setting.”IMG_1812

When she is not filming RLC news, Abby can be found writing screenplays, working to sell her most current script to a network, playing ukulele, or bonding with her shorkie poo The Cuteness.

Abby truly brings an unique set of skills and talent to Real Life Church, so show her some love for sharing them!

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Volunteer Spotlight: Rooted

13466040_1388332064517726_1696780058784675095_nAfter a short hiatus, the Volunteer Spotlight is back with a very special thank you to everyone who participated in the Rooted worship event this past Friday.  From audio engineers to musicians to greeters to attendees, Rooted would not have been as successful without those who were willing to sacrifice an evening for a special cause.

Although there only about 50 in attendance, they all walked into Rooted with generous hearts and worshipful attitudes.  Over $500 was raised, all of which will be used to support missions work and service projects.  Unbelievable!

If you missed it, here are a few highlights of the night.IMG_1782IMG_1779IMG_1773IMG_1780

































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RLC Celebrate!


Here at RLC, we love to celebrate with one another. Life is better when it’s done together! Here are this months causes for celebration.


1st Meghann Chapman

2nd Jeremy Green

4th Lilie Jo Hay

We hope you have the best day!



Congratulations to William Helmke and Kelly Chartier who will be married on August 21st.


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