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Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Robertson

Stay-at-home mom, runner, and freelance writer Emily Robertson has been a member of Real Life Church for a couple of years.  Though she spent most of her life in St. Louis, Missouri, she left the Gateway to the West after marrying her husband Jeff.  In time, Jeff accepted a job with a large industrial contractor that required building power plants.  As part of this occupation, the Robertsons have resided in several cities; by 2014, they had arrived in the home of the Corvettes and the Hot Rods. IMG_1355

Amongst the unique features of Bowling Green, Emily and Jeff began to visit churches, but nothing felt like home.  “When my husband and I were researching churches online, we found Real Life Church and decided to check it out…we instantly felt welcomed! I was getting ready to have our second child, and we knew NO ONE.  I will always remember Autumn Cannon telling me that if there was ANYTHING we needed, to just let her know! That was huge for someone that was new to town!”  They wanted to become a part of such an atmosphere, and Emily involved herself in ways to help others feel just as welcomed as her family did during their first visit to RLC:  “Because I can always relate to being the new person at a church, I’m really passionate about making people feel welcome and comfortable when they first come into our church.  I started serving in the KidsLife check in area, and I got to meet and welcome so many families with little ones! I’ve moved into being on the Greeting Team as a host, and that has been so much fun for me…Also, I help out with the RLC blog…I think it is so fun that people can check out the website and learn a lot more about our church and [other] RLCers.”IMG_1353

In addition to her ministry, Emily has also served alongside her husband in other areas of Real Life Church.  Together, they co-led a couple Life Groups:  “Last semester, my husband and I led the Dave Ramsey life groupIMG_1352.  This semester, [we] co-lead the couples life group. We LOVE LifeGroups and think that they are such a huge part of how Jesus intended us to live, so we’ve loved leading this last year!”

Emily’s enthusiasm is evident in her service, and it is what earned her the Spotlight for this week.  Be sure to show her some appreciation this week!


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Around RLC this week: Ask RLC!




Every few months we likewhat do you love most about summer- to throw out a question to some RLCers just as a fun way for us to get to know the faces we see around church! Since today is the unofficial kick-off to summer, we decided to ask people what they love most about summer! Check out how some RLCers answered and be sure to comment below what the next question for “Ask RLC” should be! Also, be on the look out for information in this blog about fun summer activities that are happening at Real Life Church in the coming months! Happy Summer!

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Volunteer Spotlight: Hezekiah Jenkins

Mad respect is owed to our IMG_1320military personnel for their commitment, dedication, and sacrifice they invest into the freedom we so often take for granted.  Many times, they continue the service on U.S. soil by volunteering and serving in their community.  Hezekiah Jenkins is the epitome of this service as a member of Real Life Church.

Hezekiah joined the army “to serve as an aircraft electrician for the Blackhawks and Chinook helicopter.”  However, accepting orders was not always easy as his familyIMG_1318had a bad experience during our last move to El Paso, TX, and we didn’t get connected to a church body.”  The memory of that incident traveled with them on a new assignment to Kentucky:  “I didn’t want to repeat that mistake.  I made a strong effort to research a church to visit when we arrived in Bowling Green…That first weekend, I looked at the RLC website. We visited the church that Sunday, and felt like it was home because of the open arms that everyone had for our family.”

The Jenkins became acutely aware of God’s guidance to their new home in Bowling Green.  When they first arrived in Kentucky, they were originally stationed in Owensboro, but their plans quickly shifted.IMG_1319  “We were buying a house in Owensboro, but that fell though at the last second.  Everything that could go wrong was going wrong. I found myself crying out to God for direction and peace.  We found an apartment to rent for the next year, signed into my center, and was asked to move to Bowling Green.  I accepted the offer, was released from my year long lease with the apartment, and moved to Bowling Green that same week.”  image1Hezekiah landed a job at the Bowling Green Army Career Center, and now spends much of his free time volunteering at Real Life Church and learning new skills:  “I’ve learned how to hang ceiling tiles for the kids area, and hang recessed light fixtures, and install HVAC…”

In addition to his handyman abilities, Hezekiah also serves in the technology as the audio lead during worship. “I have a passion for music; I have led worship at different churches. I always loved playing guitar and leading others into worship.  As an audio engineer, I get the chance to play the band, like a conductor.”

Hezekiah’s willing involvement and humble service have landed him in the Volunteer Spotlight.  This week, take a moment to thank him for his service not only to Real Life Church, but also to our country!

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Volunteer Spotlight: Summer Volunteering

Summertime can be the busiest, yet the most relaxing time of the year.  Many times, church attendance declines (with members vacationing and visiting out-of-town friends or family) and the amount of volunteers decreases (for the same reasons).  Therefore, Real Life Church will benefit from summertime help in the coming months.  If you are interested in serving, but not sure where to start, then the summer is a good time to help out in different areas before committing to a specific ministry.  Below is a list of RLC ministries that are available for you!

KidsLife:  Even if you would just like to sub and teach Sunday school for a teacher taking a break, the kids of RLC would love for you to join them during their special worship time!


Worship Team:  If you want to contribute your musical talent, but you’re unable to offer a commitment every week, then this is another area that you can become a sub in.

Student Ministries:  During the 11:00 service, students in middle and high school have an opportunity to dig deeper into the Word.  This special time is in need of mentors who are willing to guide the students during their study.

Hope Cafe:  Always accepting donation of home-baked foods, but also waiting for those willing to receive money and distribute goodness!image3


Special Events:  RLC may host special events throughout the summer, and volunteers will be needed for a successful implementation.  So stay tuned for information!

These are just a few examples on how to get involved (or stay involved) this summer.  For an extended list, be sure to see Pastor Brandon or another RLC staff member, or attend the once-a-month gathering of Plugged-In to hear about more service opportunities.


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RLC Men’s Spring Cookout

RLC men are getting ready for another fun cookout event NEXT Sunday, May 22 at 5 p.m.!
“We just like to get the men together and break some bread, hear some encouraging words and givRLC Men's springcookout!e some encouragement to our men,” said Men’s Ministry Coordinator, Patrick Klein. “We will talk about upcoming events and our plans for men’s ministry going forward.”
All men ages 18 and older are encouraged to attend. There is no registration required and all food and beverages will provided for no cost!
“What I really hope our men’s events do is bring our men closer to Christ,” Patrick said. “Give our men a place to gather and get to know each other. I also want to encourage them. Let them know what God wants for them as leaders of their families and as men of God.”
 Another event that RLC men should mark on their calendar is The Main Event in Nashville July 22-23, 2016.
“We discussed this at our Men’s life group and already have a few men signed up to go,” Patrick said. “We want to take this opportunity to let our men know there’s plenty of time to get signed up!”

Find more information about The Main event here.


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Around RLC this week: Women’s Spring Fling Pictures


Lots of ladies gathered last Friday evening to enjoy a night of fun, food and fellowship! Chloe Gooden spoke at the event and Dixieland Boutique presented a fashion show! In case you may have missed all the fun, here’s a few snapshots of the evening!

Be sure to check the RLC website, blog and Facebook page for all the latest info on upcoming church events.

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RLC Celebrate!


At Real Life Church, we love to celebrate one another.

Life is better when it’s done together!

Here are this month’s causes for celebration.


8th: Ziza Kirk

24th: Stephanie Quinones

28th: Sara Puga

We hope this is your best year yet!


Congratulations to the graduating class of 2016! RLC is proud of your hard work and accomplishments. May God bless your future endeavors.


For all the late nights and early mornings.

For the sacrifices you make that no one sees.

For the messes and laundry you clean.

For the love and care you show  us everyday.

     From the bottom of our hearts…


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