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Volunteer Spotlight: Chloe Gooden

In The Great Divoroce, C.S. Lewis wrote:  “There are two kinds of people:  those who say to God, ‘Thy will be done,’ and those to whom God says, ‘All right, then, have it your way.'”  By nature, we all want to be planners, independent, and self-sufficient.  By nature, God wants to show us the best choice, the best path, and the best option.  As it has been said before, His plans for us do not always look like the plans we had for us.  One of RLC’s volunteers has experienced such an intervention in her plans, yet does not regret allowing it to happen.

Chloe Gooden relocated from Hoover,image4 Alabama to enroll in Seminary near Nashville.  However, her plans did not unfold as she had expected, and ended up not enrolling in Seminary.  Instead, she ended up in Bowling Green, and contacted Real Life Church soon after her arrival.  “I was honestly impressed with how personable Pastor Brandon was, and he met with me immediately to discuss my ministry interest in a Prayer Team.”  image3Not only has Chloe pursued her passion in prayer, but RLCers are also blessed by her involvement in the Worship Team and as a previous Life Group Coordinator.  Clearly, she has a heart for serving, and will do anything she can to play her part: “I will never forget, one day after recording announcements, [Pastor Brandon] said ‘Chloe, I know you can do a lot. So when something comes up, I am just going to ask you, and you can be totally honest and tell me if you aren’t interested.'”  Real Life Church is definitely grateful for her willingness!

image2As for her part on the praise team, she is so humbled to be singing to “my MAIN MAN GOD!  I am so in love with God.  I always hope that those who see the love I have for Him, and who He is to me, will wonder,’Who is this God she is so in love with? Why does He means so much to her?’ [I hope] it leads them to want to get to know God in ways they could never imagine. He is so good, and I truly hope everyone seeks Him so they can realize how amazing He is. If you don’t know Him, TRY HIM! IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!!!! HE IS AMAZING!!!”image1

That passion for God is what landed Chloe in the Spotlight for this week.  To learn more about Chloe and her heart, visit  In her free time, she chases her dreams of ministry by encouraging other women.  Her desire “for others to be healed, fulfilled, and experience the love and acceptance of Christ” has added spirit to Real Life Church.  RLC is certainly blessed she did not follow through with her initial plans of Seminary, so be sure to offer her some words of encouragement and thanks!


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Around RLC this week: “Stay Positive” Sermon Series

Do you ever feel a little inadequate as you scroll through your social media feeds and see so many perfect, photos and posts? Well, you aren’t alone, and this next six-week sermon series “Stay Positive” is for you.

“We live in a culture where everybody posts their best selfie, showcases highlights from vacation, and talsp.1080ks about their awesome job promotions,” Pastor Brandon said. “Then we are told that in order to be successful we must look and act like movie actors, rock stars and celebrities. It can leave people feeling inadequate in this ‘photoshopped’ culture. This series is designed to help you redefine your identity. ‘I’m not who ‘they’ say I have to be. I am who Christ says I am. Because of this, I can be positive, confident, and hopeful.'”

Pastor Brandon believes this series is a natural progression in what the church has been learning about since the beginning of the year.

“In our teaching, we’ve been on a journey as a church for most of this year,” Pastor Brandon said. “We began with a five week series talking about what Jesus did for us entitled, ‘How to Survive a Bad Day.’ Then, we’ve been talking for the last four weeks about who Jesus is for us. Beginning next week, we’re going to be taking six weeks to now begin to discuss who we are in Christ. I’m excited to put up a “God-designed mirror” and show people who they really are. Not what culture has lied to them about.”

And while Pastor Brandon doesn’t want to give away too much about the next six weeks, he promises, you aren’t going to want to miss any of this series.

“I don’t want to give too much away but, trust me, it’s going to be great.”

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Volunteer Spotlight: Easter Sunday

March 27th held much to be celebrated.  Being Easter Sunday, it was a day of sugar highs, egg hunts, and Easter bunny scares (or maybe that last one was just me).  More importantly, it was a significant time of recognizing and acknowledging the resurrection of Jesus.  Expecting several visitors, volunteers at Real Life Church went into high gear to ensure everyone would be welcomed and acclimated for the special day:

Hope Cafe– Offered free samples for everyone. They were swamped all day, but served everyone with a smile and kindness.

Parking Team– Arrived early to approach everyone with a warm greeting.

KidsLife– Also arrived early to direct guests to appropriate classrooms, and to establish a smooth check-in procedure.

Tech Team– Flawlessly transitioned between songs, announcement videos, and sermon notes.

Band– Also served flawlessly in leading RLC into a special Easter worship.

Greeters– Always warm and welcoming, but was even more so on Easter to help visitors feel at home.


Pastor Brandon could not brag enough on how well the Dream Team performed on Easter:  “Everyone was just a step above what they always are. It was such an honor to watch everyone serving, smiling, and having a great time.”  Easter saw over 350 guests and visitors, with 9 professions of faith!  Thank you to all our volunteers who played a part.

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RLC Celebrate!


At Real Life Church, we love to celebrate one another.

Life is better when it’s done together!

Here are this week’s causes for celebration.


4th: Cameran Smith

6th: Alan Garmon

14th: Randa Young

17th: Osbaldo Puga

17th: Sheri Chartier

We hope you have an amazing year!



Congratulations to Jeremy Green and Kayla Zurcher who will be married on April 23rd.

We wish you many happy years!


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