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Volunteer Spotlight: Jahna Fulkerson

Jahan Fulkerson is recognized by everyone at Real Life Church for her contribution to the praise team every Sunday morning,IMG_1791 but there is even more she has invested into her church family.  Kindness, commitment, faithfulness, and dedication are among the many notable characteristics that are evident in her servitude.  The sweet and gentle disposition that encompasses her is what attracted the Volunteer Spotlight for this week.

Jahna moved from OwensboroIMG_1792 to pursue an education in Design, Merchandising, and Textiles, but she obtained more than a degree.  She also met her husband Drew by the time she graduated, and they now have a five-year-old son named Lucas.  When she isn’t spending time with her precious family, she is either working hard at Fruit of the Loom or donating her time at Real Life Church. FullSizeRender

Being so invested in RLC came naturally to the Fulkersons, as their first visit was more than enjoyable.  “We started going to RLC exactly 2 years ago on Easter. We immediately felt welcomed, and made close friends through involvement in LifeGroups and serving opportunities at church.”  That welcoming atmosphere was something they wanted to be a part of, so they made RLC their home.  Then, they began to consider the volunteer options that were available.IMG_1793  Jahna now sings with the worship team every Sunday, and co-leads the Love and Respect LifeGroup for married couples.

Jahna is so grateful to not only grow in her interests, but to also do it alongside other volunteers who are just as focused on the Lord.  “Singing has always been a passion that I never had the chance to pursue. Its been amazing to be a part of such a wonderful, God centered team.”

She also considers her involvement with Love and Respect very rewarding:  “Seeing couples growing closer to God and closer to each other is amazing. We’ve made strong lasting relationships through LifeGroups.”

Let’s let Jahna know that her gifts and talents have not gone unnoticed, and give her a bit of encouragement this week.

Thanks for all you do, Jahna!

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Around RLC this week: Easter Weekend at RLC


What an amazing Easter weekend! Jesus is risen and RLC celebrated big! A crowd of 360 people worshipped together at both services and nine people made professions of faith this past weekend! Praise God!

Following the second service, RLCers gathered at Covington Woods park for a cookout and Easter egg hunt! Such a fun time as a church family! Check out a few pictures:









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Around RLC this week: Happy Easter!


It is the week of Easter and that means there is so much to celebrate! Get ready for a weekend at RLC that celebrates the joy of Jesus’ resurrection!

“We celebrate Easter because this is the message of the Gospel,” Pastor Brandon said. “Jesus died for our sins and then kept His promises by rising again on the 3rd day (Easter Morning). It’s a great time for thanksgiving and honoring our Savior together.”

Every Sunday at RLC is full of worship and excitement and Easter Sunday will be no different.

“Every year, we hope to take the Easter Celebration service up a notch from what goes on every week,” Pastor Brandon said. “We really want to model the idea that while we want to celebrate Jesus every day, this is a chance to go all out. You will hopefully see an increunnamed-1ase in excitement, excellence, and presentation.”

Worship services will take place at their normal times of 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m., but following the second service, the church family will gather together to celebrate Easter with a meal at Covington Woods Park at 1 p.m.

“Autumn and I have a passion for people who do not get see their extended families very much,” Pastor Brandon said. “That’s our story. Days like Easter can be particularly difficult because they everyone else talking about family gatherings. Therefore, Sunday after church, we’re going to be their family. We’re going to gather, cookout, find eggs, and celebrate as one big family.”

RLCers are asked to bring their favorite dish to eat and share. The church is also collecting Easter eggs filled with candy, which you can bring by the church anytime this week.

Most importantly, remember to invite someone to come to church with you this weekend!

“This is a great time to bring someone who doesn’t know Jesus,” Pastor Brandon said. “Even if they do not attend church regularly, most people have heard of Easter and have even been to an Easter weekend worship experience before. They are more likely to respond with a “yes” when invited to a big day like this. Don’t miss your chance to invite someone and allow God to plant a seed of hope in their life!”

For more information about Easter weekend at RLC, contact the church office at

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Around RLC this week: Baby Dedication


Around Real Life Church, all children are an important part of our church and this past Sunday, RLC had the special opportunity to celebrate a baby dedication. Three families dedicated their babies to the Lord this weekend! What a blessing to witness as a church family! Enjoy a few pictures of the celebration!


Children are a gift from the Lord;
    they are a reward from him.

Psalm 127:3

IMG_1551     IMG_1563     IMG_1564

IMG_1559     IMG_1569


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Volunteer Spotlight: Your Turn

As a body of believers, Real Life Church strives to serve one another, the community, and God.  Volunteers are committed to selflessly serving throughout the week because they understand that, as followers of Christ, they have a responsibility to minister to everyone around them.  Rick Warren calls this responsibility practice:  “One of the things we are going to do when we get to heaven is serve God. So guess what God wants us to do while we’re here on earth? He wants us to practice serving…What will be the contribution of your life?”

What will be the contribution of your life?

What are your talents?  Your passions?  Your interests?  Those are things that are uniquely you, and were given to you for the purpose of ministering to others.  If you don’t know where your gifts fit in at RLC, here is a list of ideas that might help:

KidsLife:  IMG_9029If you enjoy the company of kids, and love the idea of being a10632660_10207968040055325_2796942788750888655_n role model, then become a Sunday School teacher for LittleLife, KidsLife Jr., or KidsLife.
To get involved: Contact Amiee Miller or Sara Laferte

Tech Booth:  For those who appreciate how technology enhances the worship experience, volunteers in the tech booth provide smooth transitions during the Sunday services.
To get involved: Contact Douglas MenkePlaying music at a wedding

Praise Team:  If you have an ear for image2-e1449594950968-300x196music, you might love leading worship on Sunday mornings.  The Praise Team helps RLC experience the presence of the Holy Spirit each week, a time that prepares us for the message delivered by Pastor Brandon.
To get involved: Contact Allen Clark

Welcome Center:  If you’re a fan of meeting new people, then get involved in the front lobby, where you can greet visitors and help them navigate information about Real Life Church.  The Welcome Center ensures that each guest is welcomed and loved before they leave RLC.
To get involved: Contact Leeza Glisson or (to become a greeter) Jamey and Jess O’Connor

Hope Cafe:  image3image4Also located in the lobby is the Hope Cafe, which is always looking for donations of home baked goods and volunteers to help raise money for missions.
To get involved: Contact Amy Roan

Parking Lot Team:  Outside, there is a team designated to keeping our RLC families safe in the parking lot.  If you want to be someone who is the “first impression” as guests come in, then this could be the team for you.
To get involved: Contact Patrick Klein

LifeGroups:  There are also a variety of LifeGroups you can join,lg2 or you can lead your own.  12670166_218698241809475_3230948576756344704_nThe best part about these groupsimage2 is that they cater to very specific interests like, painting, crafting, Bible reading, repairing…the list goes on.
To get involved: Contact Pastor Brandon

In addition, Real Life Church hosts Plugged In once a month.  This is a time after the 11:00 service where Pastor Brandon will meet with those ready to serve.  It will give you a chance to learn more about RLC, and where your gifts fit in.image1

For any more information or ideas, contact Pastor Brandon!


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Around RLC this week: Ask RLC!


What are you most looking forward to about Spring- (1)


With the warmer temperatures recently, we are all starting to think about the official arrival of spring! So, we decided to ask some RLCers what they are most looking forward to about these next few months! Check out their answers below!



IMG_1463 Brenda Wells – “I’m most looking forward to being outside more!”

IMG_1466 Alan Garmon – “WARMTH and sunshine!”

IMG_1470 Shelby Whitt – “I’m excited for Spring Break!”

IMG_1462 Kayla Zurcher – “I’m most excited for our wedding this spring!”

IMG_1464 Jamey O’Connor – “I’m looking forward to being able to be outside and do things like hike and kayak!”

IMG_1465 Suzy Menck – “I’m looking forward to being able to paint outside!”

IMG_1467 Pastor Brandon Cannon – “I can’t wait for our Easter celebration!”

IMG_1469 Allen Clark – “Hmm… ALLERGIES!”

IMG_1468 Elizabeth Oakley (daughter Maris is filling in for the picture) – “Vacations!”


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Volunteer Spotlight: Jennifer Harryman

Nelson Mandela was best known for his stance on equality and the belief that everyone should be treated fairly, regardless of race or age.  This attitude had a special emphasis on those in the next generation.  The former South African President once said, “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”  Children also deserve to be treated the same as everyone else.  Respect, love, and fairness is taught to children by example, and it is something adults should model.  It is also the focus of the KidsLife volunteers at Real Life Church.

Jennifer Harryman is one of those volunteers, and she understands the importance of teaching these principles to kids early on. image1 Every week, she not only assists  with scheduling teachers for the classrooms, but she also serves in LittleLife every Sunday morning.

Jennifer became a part of the RLC team two years ago, after her family moved to Bowling Green from Joplin, Missouri.  They spent some time visiting churches and soon discovered RLC.  When they first arrived, “[our]  twins cried because they were tired of visiting different churches…[but] by the time church was over that Sunday morning, our children were all smiles.  [They] even requested that we come back to RLC the following week.”  It was the first indication that they found a place to belong, and so decided to become more involved.

When she isn’t serving at Real Life Church, Jennifer is either homeschooling her twins, Ian and Arian, or tutoring other children in reading at the Learning Center.  image1Between church, home, and work, it is obvious that investing in the next generation is a definite priority in her life. image2 However, she also see it as a blessing:  “I have the opportunity to lay some of the pieces of the foundation of Jesus, and his love for each of the little ones that come each Sunday morning.”  Laying the foundation includes teaching and modeling love and respect, and treating one another fairly like Nelson Mandela encouraged.  Jennifer embodies this goal that RLC holds for the KidsLife ministry, and it is what earned her the Spotlight for this week.

Be sure to thank her for her dedication and commitment to not only KidsLife, but to all the children she mentors!

Know of another volunteer who also exemplifies what Real Life Church stands for?  Let us know at


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