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Around RLC this week: New series!


Easter is quickly approaching, and there’s no better time to focus on the sacrifice that Jesus made for us all on the cross. And that is exactly what RLC will be doing with the new series, “How to Live Through A Bad Day.” The series started yesterday, and will continue through the Easter holiday.

“Jesus endured the worst day imaginable,” Pastor Brandon said. “The day we call ‘Good Friday’ wasn’t so good for him. However, He made it through the worst day ever to complete His mission and so can we if we study how He did it. We’ll break down the phrases Jesus spoke on the cross and learn how to live and thrive in a ba12744351_10207921218575904_1533704589887752409_nd day.”

This series will be practical for RLCers at this specific time of the year, but also continuing on after Easter.

“The ramp up to Easter is always a wonderful time for believers,” Pastor Brandon said. “It’s exciting and while we will be talking about things that try to keep us down, we will be celebrating Christs’ victory ever week.”

RLCers will also be able to dive a bit deeper in the topics for this series during the new First Wednesday service this week, and also through blog post about the weekly topic from Pastor Brandon.
“This series is going to hit close to home for a lot of people,” he said. “It is one I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. We can all identify with having a bad day or season.  It’s going to be exciting, though-provoking, and life changing. It will help you truly see Jesus as someone who understands and really can be our best friend.”


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Volunteer Spotlight: Patrick Klein

“We will always welcome anybody willing to serve with us!”

It’s a declaration made by a gentleman who is clad in an orange vest every Sunday morning at Real Life Church.  His words carry the epitome of RLC’s mission:  Everyone belongs.  He is also a walking example of the attitude the church strives for:  Everyone is welcomed and everyone can serve.

Originally from Wisconsin, Patrick (Pat) Klein moved to Bowling Green with his family when General Motors transferred him in 2003. IMG_0828IMG_0829 Since that time, he has grown in faith and servitude; he acknowledges that everyone has a purpose and a belonging, even though he was stubborn about his own purpose at first:  “…my wife, Diane, came to RLC for a visit. She came home and told me all about [it], and convinced me to join her. I was stubborn and after a few weeks, I decided to come check it out with her. First, I attended a Thursday night Prayer meeting, and soon after, I came to a worship service.”  Pat soon felt God calling him to join this church, and lead the Men’s Ministry, but he continued to be stubborn for a little while longer.

However, when he did choose to follow God’s prompting, he found himself in the midst of a very rewarding experience.  “There are so many rewards to serving. First of all, just knowing that I am doing what God has called me to do is probably the greatest reward. Second, seeing the smiles on the faces of people we come in contact with, knowing that today might be the day that they come to church to give their life to Jesus… Third, instilling an attitude of service in others.”  IMG_0827Pat strives to be an example of how a servant can have fun, so that maybe others (especially young people) will also establish a lifestyle of serving Jesus.

Currently, Pat is the Men’s Ministry leader, leads the Thursday night Men’s LifeGroup, and heads up the Parking Ministry Team. IMG_0826 “‘The guys in the orange vests’ make sure our church families and guests are not only kept safe in the parking area, but also instill a positive first impression of [RLC].”  That positivity is what landed Patrick Klein in the Volunteer Spotlight for this week.  Be sure to thank him for his involvement and leadership in the coming days!

If you would like more info about the Men’s Ministry, Men’s LifeGroup, or the Parking Ministry, grab Pat as you walk in on Sunday morning.  He will be more than happy to find you a place!

If there is another volunteer who you believe needs some Spotlight time, please email us at


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Around RLC this week: Life groups!

Life groups are in full swing for the semester and we thought we’d check in with some of our groups and find out why life groups are at the heart of RLC.

“RLC is not a church with small groups, but it strives to be a church OF small groups,” said Keith Underwood, Life Group Coordinator at RLC. “Life groups are where relationships happen outside of the shared Sunday experience. It is an opportunity do life together and have a since of belonging. Our goal is for everyone at RLC to belong to a Life Group.”

RLCers can gain so much from being a part of a life group, and they can dive deeper into their relationship with Christ through groups.

“RLC is definitely a place to believe, belong and become all that God wants us to be, but Sunday mornings are just part of the process is growing in Christ,” Keith said. “Life Groups give people the chance to more fully explore Pastor Brandon’s teaching. Truthfully, it is so much better to show up to church and see people that are your friends, rather than just a congregation.”

Enjoy these pictures of the groups and if you aren’t involved in one, what are you waiting for? It’s not too late! There are so many groups and there is a little something for everyone!

Quarter Life Group


How-To Life Group

12715322_10207968039535312_5274180741863037597_n  10632660_10207968040055325_2796942788750888655_n

Home Organization Life Group


Study the Scripture Life Group


Student Life Group

12670166_218698241809475_3230948576756344704_n  12654336_220347768311189_488148703239582659_n


Men’s Life Group


Axios Life Group


Couples Life Group


20160216_191839  20160216_201052

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Around RLC this week: First Wednesday



Looking for another way to plug into Real Life Church, meet more people and learn more about God? Be sure to check out First Wednesday when it returns to RLC this March! Pastor Brandon Cannon is excited to one again incorporate a monthly Wednesday gathering into life a12662536_10207790836276428_5855297084319622144_n-1t RLC.

It will be a monthly time set up for the church to come together and dig deeper into the Word of God and worship,” Pastor Brandon said. “We want to help many of our new believers answer the question of ‘Now what? Is there more?’ Our church has been blessed recently with a lot of people who are new to their faith. We want to provide an atmosphere where they can learn more about God and go deeper in worship.”

First Wednesday takes place on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. and will run for around an hour and 15 minutes. It will include an extended time of worship, practical Bible teaching and a time for one-on-one prayer and communion. Also, there will be childcare provided for ages birth through Kindergarten.

Be sure to make First Wednesdays a priority for you and your family as it returns to RLC!

It’s a great time to experience the refreshing presence of God in their lives,” Pastor Brandon said. “When we used to do it before, First Wednesdays became many people’s favorite thing we did.”

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Volunteer Spotlight: KidsLife Team

IMG_0741There was much to celebrate this weekend, and I’m not just talking about the Broncos’ massive win on Sunday.  While the Super Bowl is wonderful and offers great fellowship, big fun, and amazing food, Real Life Church had its own victories to cheer.  Members may not have been screaming, “Touchdown!” but there were huge smiles and glory given to God for what has been recently accomplished:  From turning four years old as a church to reaching a new attendance record in KidsLife, much was celebrated.

Last week, 54 kids streamed into the KidsLife classrooms.  Since becoming a church four years ago, Real Life has not seen this many little lives worshipping and learning about Jesus.  It is a very exciting time as it signals growth within the church.  However, this also means there is limited space.  Plans to renovate are being discussed and Pastor Brandon asked for any questions to be directed to him.

IMG_0742For the sudden peak in attendance, Children’s Pastor Aimee Miller was quick to credit the selfless volunteers.  Yesterday, as a thank you, she passed out M&Ms to show her gratitude. “We are just so thankful to our wonderful volunteers!” she exclaimed.  Her excitement was contagious as everyone in KidsLife enjoyed this new record by indulging in the little bits of chocolate.

Pastor Brandon said it best yesterday morning:  “Be sure to hug our volunteers and show them how much we appreciate them!”

Real Life Church is growing and thriving, and our volunteers in all areas are certainly to blame in the best way, so don’t forget to offer them that hug or a simple thank you!

As always, email us at to let us know who you want to see in the Spotlight next.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Jamey O’Connor

Big dreams of big trucks occupy the minds many little boys, but Jamey O’Connor does not have to imagine the experience; IMG_0712he works as a heavy equipment operator, and spends some time on a farm.  “I’m blessed to be able to live out every little boy’s dream of working on a farm, driving big trucks, and operating construction equipment.”  When he’s not taming a metal monster, and if he’s not lost in a book or his X-Box, he is most likely investing in the ministry at Real Life Church.

Jamey was always interested in one day being a part of a church plant, “not because IMG_0715 I thought it would be easy, but because I love the idea of moving to unfamiliar territory and watching God bring people who are hurting, or don’t know the Lord, together for a common purpose in worship.”   In 2011, an opportunity arose that he could not turn down.

For six years, Pastor Brandon served in ministry with Jamey, so he approached him about relocating to Bowling Green to launch RLC.  Jamey’s present involvement with the church is evidence that he had faith in the launch from the beginning:  “I currently serve in the worship band as the bass guitarist, lead a LifeGroup with my wife called Quarter Life,IMG_0713 and serve as the director of the greeting team…The most rewarding part about serving is seeing people find true freedom in Christ.  It’s an amazing feeling knowing that we can struggle, celebrate, and heal together.”IMG_0714

Jamey’s heart for people is obvious, and it is what earned him the Spotlight for this week.  Be sure to send him a note of appreciation and encouragement.

If there is a volunteer who deserves the Spotlight, and who you would like to get know, send us an email at

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Around RLC this week: Picture recap of the weekend!

This past weekend was full of fun for all ages at Real Life Church! From KidsLife Jr. Drive-In Friday evening, to the Ladies Brunch Saturday morning and finishing up with the Life Group Expo Sunday morning! Check out a few pictures from these great events!


KidsLife Jr. Drive-In

IMG_9006 IMG_9026


IMG_8989          IMG_9018

IMG_9034  IMG_9035  IMG_9029




Saturday Morning Ladies Brunch


Life Group Expo


20160131_105547    20160131_105443(0)

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