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Volunteer Spotlight: Douglas and Suzy Menck

Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  Teamwork is about being humble enough to admit you can’t do it alone, but strong enough to do your part of the job.  For this week’s Volunteer Spotlight, we will be getting to know a team, a duo actually:  Douglas and Suzy Menck.  This power couple is heavily involved in Real Life Church, better known for their talents in the tech booth on Sunday mornings.  Each week, their teamwork ensures a wonderful worship experience for churchgoers at RLC.  However, there is a lot more to the Mencks than their tech savvy ways.

Originally from Michigan, the Mencks moved after Douglas invested 25 years in a job at GM Motors.  After much prayer, they felt the Lord leading them to Kentucky, a move that they believe granted them their hearts’ desire.  Douglas accepted a job in IT at Fruit of the Loom.  Suzy, who led puppet teams, chose to follow her artistic calling and put her Studio Art degree to use.  She is now a self-employed artist, a talent RLC has the privilege of enjoying. She currently leads a small group for women called “Splash of Color” that encourages listening to God through the art of watercolor.

When the Mencks first visited Real Life Church, “We were looking for a safe place to worship, and be refreshed after getting burned out and used up at another church. During our first day at RLC, we experienced such freedom to worship and the presence of God was so strong, we were hooked.”  Douglas also added that Pastor Brandon made the visit complete for them:  “RLC has been a breath of fresh air for both of us. We have served at 5 or more different churches over many years in different cities, and have never met anyone like Pastor Brandon. His vision of the Lord’s Body (the church) and His commitment to fulfilling that vision have placed him in the top 1% of ARC (Association of Related Churches) church planters.”  The Mencks wanted to be a part of that vision and before long, they noticed a need in the Tech Department.  Now, Douglas and Suzy both serve in that area:  Douglas focuses on the audio and technical aspects, while Suzy focuses on the aesthetics, running projection and coordinating lights.  Together, they lead the technical team that creates a successful Sunday morning at RLC.

But why Tech?  “It began over 20 years ago to fill a need, and it grew from there. As new technology came along, [we]learned how to use it to enhance the worship experience.”  In the beginning, Douglas would run sound when Suzy was on the worship team, but over the course of the twenty years, they both have worked in various aspects of Tech.  “We serve wherever our gifts are needed and we both like technology.”

In addition to filling a need in the technology area of RLC, “We direct the Healing Rooms Ministry at RLC. This group of believing believers meets Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30 PM to pray with anyone who shows up for personal healing.”  This ministry focuses on believing that God is truly “the same yesterday, today, and forever…Every believer is given the ability to reach out to God for themselves and others, and receive miracles of healing in every area of [their] lives.”

To Douglas, one of the best rewards in serving at Real Life Church is watching someone discover their own hidden talents, and then watching how they use those talents to glorify God.  To Suzy, she believes the best reward is just being a part of the bigger picture:  “I like to think of serving at RLC as helping to make the worship experience complete, and in doing so, I am complete as well.”

Without these two, Real Life Church would not have the unique and personal worship experience we all have on Sundays.  Nor would there be a ministry called Healing Rooms, and there certainly would be no Splash of Color.  Grab an idea from last week’s Volunteer Spotlight and show these two some appreciation for all that they do.

Thank you, Douglas and Suzy!

If you know of a volunteer who deserves the Volunteer Spotlight, please email us at

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New Series: Soul Detox and 21 Day Challenge


It is ALMOST a new year and that also means it is ALMOST time for a new series at Real Life Church! The new series that will begin next Sunday is called “Soul Detox.”

“The new series is all about getting your year started off right,” Pastor Brandon said. “We live around a world that can really bring us down. Soul Detox is about discoimgresvering where those traps are learning to detox from all that.”

Clearing things out of our lives that hinder a relationship with God will be a central focus in this series.

“It’s difficult to add value to your life if you don’t first remove some things,” Pastor Brandon said. “We’re starting the year cleaning our palate so we can grow the rest of year.”

Pastor Brandon believes this is going to be one of the most beneficial series of the whole year because it will set the tone for the rest of the year.

“I truly believe that this year can be your best year IF it’s your best year spiritually,” Pastor Brandon said. “This series has already added great value to my life. I cannot wait to share it with everyone else.”

Another exciting event that will be starting soon at RLC is the 21 Day Challenge. This ongoing event consists of three weeks with different activities emphasized each week. The first week focuses on increased Bible reading, the second week is about fasti21.day_.challengeng, and the third week focuses on physical activity with prayer mixed in.

“Many people in our church are relatively new to their faith,” Pastor Brandon said. “They’ve never experienced much in the way of Christian disciplines. The 21 Day Challenge is a ramp to experiencing more of God.”

This is the third year that RLC has participated in the 21 Day Challenge. Pastor Brandon believes it is an important part of our church family life because the outcome at the end of the 21 days is typically so positive.

“Before doing this, we had several people who had never really read their Bible or fasted for a Godly purpose before,” Pastor Brandon said. “Each year, more and more people are trying it out and making it a part of their lives. It’s kind of like those people who try to give you free samples of their food in the food court. They know if you just try it, you’ll love it!”

To check out more about the 21 day challenge, or the new series, “Soul Detox” click here.



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Volunteer Spotlight: Volunteer Appreciation

The Christmas season is officially upon us, and the big day is this Friday. This time of year arrives with the spirit of giving, and reminds us to take special note of the people in our lives.  We give presents to one another, offer time to spend with family, and donate spare change to the bell ringers outside our favorite stores.  Christmas brings out our appreciation for parents, teachers, coworkers, and even strangers more than any other season.  However, with all this appreciation going around, we tend to run out of ideas of how to show gratitude to everyone.  So for this week’s Volunteer Spotlight, we are going to discuss ideas of what to give, especially to our selfless volunteers at Real Life Church.

  1. Bake something:  Most people enjoy the warm goodness of a brownie, cookie, piece of pie, or any other home baked food.  I don’t know many people who would turn down free food, especially if it was made just for them!  Baked goods are one of the most popular gifts that show appreciation for someone.
  2. Create a homemade card:  There is something personal about a card with a short note inside, especially one that is made by hand.  Filling the pages up with kind words and images of a volunteer’s interests is a sweet, but simple way of giving a bit of encouragement.
  3. Give your talent:  Whether it is crafting, painting, knitting, or cooking, using your skills to show appreciation makes the gesture even more special.  Find out what a few of your volunteers’ favorite things are, and then make them.  Doing this not only shows how thankful you are for them, but shows your willingness to invest in them.
  4. Praise and encouragement:  Compliments and acknowledgment of what our volunteers do can go a long way.  Brag about their dedication to others in the church, let everyone know what these people do each week.  Obviously, our volunteers serve because they enjoy helping out and do not do it for any recognition.  Yet, it can still mean the world to know that their commitment and dedication is noticed.
  5. Simply say, “Thank you”:  At the very least, simply saying a thank you is enough for our volunteers to know they are appreciated.  Sometimes, they do not hear it enough, so take a few minutes to catch a volunteer and let them know you are truly thankful for their service to the church.

The best part about this list?  It offers ways to give throughout the year, not just at Christmas.  So whether they operate the tech booth, serve treats at Hope Cafe, teach Sunday school, or lead a small group, reach out with a gesture of appreciation to our volunteers.  Give them a token of gratitude for the hard work they invest into RLC’s ministry to keep the church going forward.

Thank you, volunteers!


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Christmas Wish List from RLCers


Christmas at RLC is such a special, fun time of year! We love celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! And with that, it is also a fun time to give and receive gifts! We asked around RLC to see what everyone’s idea of perfect gift would be this Christmas! Check out what some RLCers had to say! Merry Christmas everyone!


Grady Laferte and Ensley and Ellie Cannon

Ellie Cannon: “I would like a look-a-like American girl doll!”

Ensley Cannon: “Just a big, huge bear!” (Motions with arms spread out wide!)


Randa and Justin Young

Grady Laferte: “I hope I get a bearded dragon for a pet!”

Harper Wells: “I want some skate boots!”


Alan Clark

Justin and Randa Young: “Someone to pay off our house!”

Alan Clark: “My Christmas wish is to not have to go back to school, again!”


Jordan and Jacob Jenkins

Jordan Jenkins: “I’m just hoping to feel better and NOT be sick anymore!”

Hez Jenkins: “A new car!”

Sara Laferte: “I wish for a great Christmas for all our kiddos in KidsLife!”


Brenda Wells

Lily Laferte: “Lego Friends!”

Brenda Wells: “A printer to print out all my cell phone pictures!”

Lucas Fulkerson: “A Spiderman that shoots out webs and a Dinotruck!”

Aimee Miller: “A good night’s sleep!”

Whitney Sloan: “Financial stability without the stress of work!”

Thomas McGill: “Xbox 360, please!”


Ryan Harryman

Elizabeth McGill: “A Barbie house and ninja legos!”

Ryan Harryman: “For Christmas, I’d love the Chiefs to be on TV instead of the Titans!”


Hannah Burton and Pete Taylor

Jillian Jackson: “Cookie monster, table and chairs and dinosaurs for Aiden! And someone to pay a bill!”

Hannah Burton: “A PUPPY!”

Pete Taylor: I’d love a treadmill.”

Pastor Brandon: “For Christmas, I want Ensley’s two front teeth!”

Jahna Fulkerson: “I want a vacation!”

Drew Fulkerson: “I’d want to go see Star Wars and I’d love a nap!”


And…Don’t forget to come and worship at the Christmas Eve Eve service at Real Life Church on Wednesday, December 23 at 6:30 p.m! You don’t want to miss it! Merry Christmas!


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RLC Celebrate!


The RLC family wishes you the very best that this season has to offer.

May you know the hope and peace that can only be found in Christ.

For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

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Volunteer Spotlight: Amy Roan

The little town of Scottsville that dwells right outside of Bowling Green raised a dependable and dedicated individual who has become a vital part of Real Life Church.  IMG_0120Amy Roan moved to Bowling Green after she became married, and became involved at RLC just a few, short months ago.  However, she has already done so much for our church that it is impossible to imagine it without her.

Although her volunteer experience has been in children’s ministry, Amy felt a strong calling to serve in the Hope Cafe. 20151108_212925 “I was really interested in Hope Cafe.  I have a lot of food service experience and it was a natural fit when the cafe launched.” Since the opening a few weeks ago, she has tirelessly baked pastries and led the operation of the cafe each Sunday .  “I love seeing the cafe full of families and friends on Sunday morning.”

image1In addition to investing her time into Hope Cafe, Amy also helps out with Room in the Inn.  She provides assistance during the Monday night service opportunity by helping cook and serve the dinner.  “I [enjoy] meeting new people through volunteering.”

Amy’s commitment to the ministry of Real Life Church has earned her the Volunteer Spotlight for this week.  Contact her if you would like to assist with Hope Cafe, otherwise, send her a bit of encouragement and a thanks for the delicious treats!

Want the spotlight shined an a certain volunteer?  Send your request to

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Around RLC this week: Living life together in small groups


Life groups are a huge part of Real Life Church! We checked in with Life Group Coordinator, Chloe Gooden, to get a little more information about groups at RLC and why they are so important to the whole church.

Groups at RLC run for a semester at a time and can be organized by a variety of factors including age group, life stage, topic, or interests. This past semester at RLC 12 active life groups met throughout the semester and included between 75 and 100 RLCers altogether.

Life Group Coordinator Chloe Gooden believes the groups help believers grow in their relationships with God beyond the Sunday service.

“Life groups are important because they connect you to other members to help you walk through life together,” Chloe said. “We need more than just church. We need connections with other believers. God was all about relationships and we still need the same today.”

And she believes living life together in a group is essential to your health as a believer.

“Through Life Groups you get to deepen your relationship with Christ through your relationship with others,” Chloe said. “We cannot do this alonelg2. We cannot. God knows this about us and desires that we connect and fellowship with each other. The scripture of “iron sharpens iron” is so true when it comes to our faith. It is within those relationships and conversations that our faith grows and we experience God’s love, grace and reassurance of His presence.”

As this semester of life groups wraps up, Chloe is always looking for people interested in leading small groups for the next semester. If you are interested in leading a small group, consider the following ideas:

  1. Find out what you are passionate about and seek out members to see if it is of interest.
  2. Look out for the Life Group Leader registration and training in Announcements and Programs.
  3. Be willing to serve, love and connect other members in Christ!
  4. Any person is good to lead a life group! Everyone has something different to offer when leading a life group! There is some type of skill, wisdom or passion that you can share with others! Or maybe you are great at bringing others together in love and laughter! If you have a heart to serve, connect others and help other deepen their relationship with Christ; Life Group leadership is perfect for you!

“I encourage every member to try a life group at least ONCE,” Chloe said. “I remember the first group I ever attended. I received so much healing and support in a time that I truly needed it. I don’t know what I would have done without those women. I am SO grateful for that group still to this day.”

If you are interested in connecting in a life group or leading a life group next semester, be sure to contact Pastor Brandon or Chloe Gooden! We are sure you will be glad you gave it a try!

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RLC Celebrate!

At Real Life Church, we love to celebrate one another.

Life is better when it’s done together!

Here are this week’s causes for celebration.


Dec. 12th Lydia Smith

Dec. 15th Betsy Puga Prince

Dec. 17th Jesus Puga

Dec. 18th Jeff Robertson

May this year be the best you’ve ever had!



RLC would like to wish a special congratulations to all of the college graduates. Two of RLC’s very own will walk the stage at WKU on Saturday, December 12th. Katie Davis will graduate with a major in Communications and a minor in Non-Profit Organization. Amanda Claxon will graduate with a major in Recreation Administration.


We are so proud of you! Best of luck in all of your endeavors!

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Volunteer Spotlight: Room at the Inn

Churches throughout Bowling Green have unified together to orchestrate Room at the Inn.  This service opportunity seeks to feed, shelter, and minister to the homeless during the cold, winter months.  Real Life Church is new to the scene this year, but RLC volunteers have really stepped up to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Once a week, they reach out to those who are less fortunate, and offer a night of comfort.  image6Every Monday night, a number of guests lodge at RLC, and volunteers  provide a hot meal, organize fellowship activities, and set up live music.    image4

The day before the guests arrive, church members participate in this ministry by laying out cots and tables, cooking for the dinner, and wrapping up sack lunches for the day after Room in the Inn.  The night of the event, volunteers image1take on the roles of “inn keepers,” and spend the night building relationships between each other and the guests.  They will also be available to serve the meal and help out in other ways for the night to progress smoothly.

Everyone who has served in this  ministry, or who plan to serve in the future, have earned the spotlight for this week.  It takes a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and consistency to make Room in the Inn a weekly occurrence.  Below is a thank you written by one of the guests this week, who was obviously impacted by the generosity and kindness from RLC.  Keep it up, team!  Thank you for being a blessing to those who need it most!image1

Interested in helping out with Room in the Inn?  Talk to Pastor Brandon or Leeza Glisson.

Also, do you know a volunteer who deserves the spotlight?  Please email us at

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RLC Celebrate!

At Real Life Church, we love to celebrate one another.

Life is better when it’s done together!

Here are this week’s causes for celebration.


Dec. 8th Jennifer Harryman

Dec. 9th Santi Puga

We hope you have an awesome day!


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