Around RLC: October Baby Dedication



Last month, two babies were dedicated back to God by their parents at Real Life Church!

Pastor Brandon and the families as he explains baby dedication and prays over the families.

Lylah Mae O’Connor is the daughter of Jamey and Jess O’Connor. She was born July 8, 2017.

Olivia Grace Renfrow is the daughter of Curtis and Ariel Renfrow. She was born July 24, 2017.

We celebrate these new lives with their parents. Be praying for these families and these new little girls.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Barrett

“A person is a person, no matter how small.”  -Dr. Seuss

Many of today’s preteens and teens receive a bad rap of being self-absorbed or too glued to their phones to give an ounce of thought to the world around them.  However, at Real Life Church, we have many of our StudentLife participants seeking to combat such accusations.  While they would admit to loving their phones (and maybe having a slight panic attack if they were detached from them),  they insist that they love the people around them even more.

One such student is Mary Barrett–who sacrifices an extra hour or two of sleep on Sunday mornings to serve our smallest church members.

Mary is a freshman at Warren East High School, and a regular attendee of StudentLife on Wednesday nights at Real Life Church.  During her down time, she is either cutting up with her friends or losing herself in a book.  She first attended RLC when a friend of her mother’s invited the whole family to attend for a week.  They enjoyed their visit so much that they decided to stay and become members.

After awhile, Mary decided to invest herself in the preschool room, and has served as an assistant for the last several months.  She realized the importance of spending time with the little ones early on: “I really just love the kids, and knowing that I’m helping lead them closer to God…”  Her faithfulness in not only StudentLife, but also in serving KidsLife, has earned her a place in the Spotlight this month.  Reach out to her and let her know how much she is truly appreciated each and every week!

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Volunteer Spotlight: Jesus “JP” Mora

“Remember when Facebook used to tell you who was near, after you checked-in somewhere?  Well, I would get real excited when I would check-in at Real Life Church, and it would say ‘Jesus’ is nearby!'”  -Anonymous member of the QuarterLife small group

The “Jesus” referred to was not the divine Son of God, but JP Mora– who is an integral part of Real Life Church.  JP was born in Lan Luis, Mexico but ended up in Bowling Green by the end of 1994.  Even though he moved to Louisville for 10 years, he came back to BG to “try my hand at being an entrepreneur,” and has made himself a home here.

For those who don’t know, he owns Mex-Out, which is obviously “the best Mexican restaurant in the entire world (an unbiased opinion).”  For those who have never tasted the heavenly experience of Mex-Out’s tacos, it is open Monday through Saturday, and is located on Veterans Memorial Hwy (you’re welcome for the advertisement, JP).

When he’s not managing his restaurant, you can find JP “[cruising] in my Jeep Wrangler with the top off, [jumping] off cliffs and other dangerous heights, [traveling] to Mexico for weeks at a time, or [watching] Netflix with my pretty girlfriend.”  And while the “Jesus” jokes may become a little mundane, JP Mora is proud of his faith, and so continues to serve his church faithfully and consistently.  “I’m a beast at the drums…Holla!” (humble boast), and so he has played for Real Life Church ever since the movie theater days.  Music is his way of joyfully bringing glory to God, and his passion for it is what landed him in the Spotlight for this month.  So be sure to show JP some love for his faithful drum playing and (more importantly) his tacos!

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RLC Celebrate


1 Meghann Chapman

2 Jeremy Green

11 David Preasmyer

14 Lilie Jo Hay

24 Grant Wesley

We hope you have the best day!



21 William and Kelly Helmke

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RLC Celebrate


1 Jason Simpson

2 Jacob Caulk

5 Joseph Menck

19 Bekka Ross

20 Patrick Klein

28 Victor Puga

28 Jerilyne Barrett

28 Johanne Miller

29 Danny Preasmyer

30 Emily Robertson

30 Royce Dosey

31 Harper Wells



1 Jacob & Courtney Caulk

2 Coty & Kacey Wells

3 Jerilyne & Mary Barrett

10 Cam & Jennifer Graves

11 Patrick & Diane Klein

22 Kevin & Amy Roan

28 Jason and Amanda Terrell

We hope you have a blessed day spent with family and friends.

God bless America!

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Volunteer Spotlight: Whitney Sloan

Alabamian by birth, Tennessean by heart, Whitney Sloan moved from Columbia to Bowling Green to attend Western Kentucky University after high school.  Now, she works as an office manager at Ryan’s Steakhouse, and lives in the south central town with her beautiful family.  While the family enjoys being active and loves to be outside kayaking or hiking, they also can’t resist a good Netflix show with a generous helping of junk food.

A couple years ago, her family began the hunt for a home church, and Whitney came across Real Life Church while driving down Scottsville Road.  They decided to visit the following week, and she experienced immediate acceptance:  “As soon as I walked through the front doors on our first Sunday, I felt relief and knew this was ‘home’.”  Whitney soon became involved, and began serving with the worship team.  RLC members agree that her love for Jesus shines through as she sings; she looks out to the crowd and “it is hard for me to hold back the tears…everyone is just praising and worshiping God in their own ways.  It is incredible!”

In addition to helping to lead worship every Sunday, Whitney also coordinates LifeGroups (so any questions you have about finding a small group or leading one should be directed to her!) and helps with NextSteps and the Dream Team.  She works hard and faithfully to ensure RLC’s volunteers find their place, and fulfill the purppse of their gifts and talents.

Take time out this week to show Whitney how much Real Life Church appreciates how willinginly she has investd her time and energy!

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Around RLC this week: RLC’s Summer of Fun!









Get ready RLCers for a summer of fun! This July, each Sunday there will be a fun theme and RLCers can join in by dressing up! Here’s the schedule:

July 2nd – Hat Day – Wear your favorite hat TO CHURCH!

July 9th – Flip Flop Day – It’s hot outside, so wear your comfy flip flops!

July 16th – Hawaiian Shirt Day – Bust out those colorful Hawaiian shirts! The wackier, the better!

July 23rd – Team Spirit Day – Whether your favorite team is in town or far away, sport your best team gear!

July 30th – Friend Day – Bring a friend with you to join in on the fun at RLC!

In addition to the dress up days, there will be fun photo booth so everyone can take pictures with their family and friends! Also, on July 9 and July 23 there will be special treats during Sunday service.

For our First Wednesday on August 2, we will have a time of fellowship and eat HOMEMADE ICE CREAM after the service! You don’t want to miss it!

Have a question about RLC’s Summer of Fun or want to volunteer? Check out the Welcome Desk for more information.

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RLC Celebrate


2: Christy Vickery

3: Aimee Miller

6: Josh Lowe

6: Leslie Barrett

8: Ellie Cannon

11: Silas Caulk

13: Destiny Cox

13: Kennedy Jones

16: Nate Simpson

17: Lucas Fulkerson

18: Alex Renick

19: Whitney Sloan

22: Aaron Puga

23: Leeza Glisson

27: Gloria Puga

29: Hezekiah Jenkins

30: Robyn Lowe

We hope you have an amazing birthday!


9: Drew and Jahna Fulkerson

13: Jacob and Whitney Sloan

14: Andy and Christy Vickery

16: Curtis and Ariel Renfrow

28: Mark and Sheri Chartier

28: Tony and Leeza Glisson

May you grow in love a little more every year!

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Volunteer Spotlight: Summer Volunteering

As the school year ends, and the hot, sweltering summer months approach, many find themselves on a break (obviously not the dramatic, Ross-and-Rachel kind) and looking for something to do with their spare time (or their kids’ spare time).  Luckily, there are a myriad of opportunities for local volunteering.  These programs allow for individual, group, or even family participation.

1.The Medical Center:  During June and July, teenagers (14-17) are encouraged to donate at least one half day a week, while other volunteers are asked to donate 100 hours on a yearly basis.  All volunteers are required to be compassionate, patient, respectful of  confidentiality, attend a training, and complete an application, which can be found here:  http://mcbg.org/_documents/970005_Adult%20Vol%20Ap.pdf

2. The Center for Courageous Kids:  RLC is already acquainted with this program that encourages and uplifts kids with life-threatening illnesses, as our Hope Cafe has given monetary gifts in the past.  However, volunteers are also needed throughout the year, especially during the summer months.  For more information, and to fill out a volunteer application, follow this link:  http://www.thecenterforcourageouskids.org/volunteerOpp.html

3. Lost River Cave:  For the nature lover and explorer, Lost River Cave has various jobs for volunteers of all ages.  Trash clean up, preparing supplies for educational groups, and helping to maintain flowers and landscaping are among the things the small park needs.  In addition, if you have a special skill in photography, plumbing, electricity, or creativity, they could use you too.  View the other areas of need and complete the volunteer application here: http://www.lostrivercave.org/volunteer/

4. SkyPAC:  If you have an interest in the performing arts, then contact SkyPAC at 270-904-5000 to ask about becoming an usher for upcoming events and performances.

5. United Way:  This group is constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance and improve the community of Bowling Green, but needs volunteers to help make it possible. Participating with United Way can look like reading to children, delivering meals to low income families, or organizing a food drive; there are countless opportunities, and your summer can be quickly invested by visiting their site and clicking the “sign up now” button:  http://www.uwsk.org/get-involved/volunteering.html

6. Real Life Church:  Of course, if none of the above is for you but you’re still longing to find somewhere to get involved, talk with Pastor Brandon about the needs of RLC.  While there are opportunities to serve on Sunday mornings as a greeter, Sunday School teacher, tech team member, or in the praise band, there are ways to help out during the week too!

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Around RLC this week: Men’s Event

rlcThis past weekend, the men of RLC gathered to learn, fellowship and enjoy some great food! Men’s Ministry Coordinator Patrick Klein spoke about the last semester of the men’s life group where they studied “Fight” by Kenny Lucky. Patrick also shared with the men about the upcoming Main Event Men’s Conference in Nashville featuring Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback Kurt Warner. Men who attended last year’s conference also spoke about their experience attending and their excitement for this coming year.

The group also talked about the importance of making a difference in everyone around them. Patrick shared with the group that as they strive to raise sons and daughters to know and love Jesus, it doesn’t stop there, but extends to everyone they come in contact with in the classroom or on the job.

If you would like more information on the RLC Men’s ministry or the 2017 Main Event conference, be sure to stop by the Welcome Center and ask for Patrick!

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